Data Recovery and Forensic

Data Recovery – ultimately, our businesses and our personal lives run on bytes of data stored on various media formats, from hard disk drives to solid-state drives, flash memory cards and other forms of data storage. 

Obviously, as an established and trusted data recovery Australian company, our specialist can offer you express DR service and forensic services within 24h, utilized by domestic customers and large commercial entities throughout Melbourne. Therefore, our engineers have not just kept pace as technology has changed. NIKO Computers has been a data recovery laboratory started in 2020 to produce professional high-precision data recovery tools. Without a doubt, we’ve stayed ahead of the curve.

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Find Out Your Needs
First – have you accidentally deleted your important data from USB, iPad, mobile, or Deleted Hard Drive?
Second – is your memory card not responding?
Third – do you need forensic reports to be valid on Supreme or Australian Federal Cort?
If your answer is YES to any of those questions, you are in the right place!

Free Pickup and Delivery? 
Above all, we will not charge you to pick up your broken device and deliver your recovered data.

Where can I order data retriving tools?
We are happy to provide you with support for any of your requests. 

Also, how much do Data Recovery and Forensic cost from deleted USB, Hard Drive, Mobile or iPad?

Namely, the average starting price is between $100$300, without spare parts. If we have on stock your faulty parts, that will reduce your DR cost!

However, No data – No charge!