Grandstream – GR-GRP2612


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Grandstream – GR-GRP2612 features a sleek design and a suite of next-generation features, including WiFi support on the GRP2612W and PoE on the GRP2612P/GRP2612W.  Key features include 16 virtual multi-purpose keys (VPKs), a colour LCD with swappable faceplates for easy logo customization. The GRP series includes carrier-grade security features to provide enterprise-level security, including secure boot, dual firmware images and encrypted data storage. Grandstream’s Device Management System (GDMS) supports the Grandstream – GR-GRP2612 for cloud provisioning and centralized management.


  • Supports 2 SIP accounts and four multi-purpose line keys
  • GRP2612W includes built-in dual-band WiFi support
  • Swappable faceplate to allow for easy logo customization
  • HD audio supporting all major codecs, including wideband codecs G.722 and Opus
  • Up to 16 digital BLF Keys
  • Enterprise-level protection includes secure boot, dual firmware images, and encrypted data storage. Go to home page



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