SSD Drives Data Recovery

SSD Drives Data Recovery: If you need to retrieve information from your damaged SSD drive, Niko Computers Data Recovery is here to help. We offer a full range of services to locate, extract, and store data on SSD and hybrid drive systems. Whether the drive has been damaged or the files accidentally deleted, we are here to help you regain your data.

What are SSD Drives?

SSDs consist of flash memory chips assembled to create a single storage device, a solid-state drive. While in existence for over 30 years, SSDs have recently become quite popular thanks to their lower price and convenient storage system. Unfortunately, many assume that because they are solid-state devices, they cannot suffer breakdowns like standard hard drive units with moving parts.

On the contrary, SSDs have sensitive components that can be damaged for a variety of reasons, from impacts to overheating and more, which include, but are not limited to, the following:

– Accidental Deletion

– Bad Sectors

– Drops, Bumps, and Impacts

– Excessive Overwrites

– File Corruption

– Malware, Viruses, and Corrupted Programs

– Natural Disasters such as Flooding, Fire, and More.


Combining one or more of these events may be enough to put the data it stores out of reach. This means you must act if you want to see the data again unless you have backed it up in another location. Of course, when your SSD is no longer functioning correctly, or you cannot retrieve your data, it’s time to bring it to Niko Computers Data Recovery and let our experts retrieve the files, images, and documents.

How We Can Help

When you discover that your SSD is not correctly functioning, the first step is to shut it off to prevent further damage. The longer it stays on and operating, the more likely further damage may occur, which means you might not get your files back. By shutting off the power, you protect the SSD and maximize the chances of recovery.

Bring the SSD to our repair shop and let our experts work to recover your data. While you may use data software recovery programs to try and retrieve your files, remember that such consumer software is primarily designed to get back files that have been accidentally deleted. Even in such cases, you may find that such consumer software systems must be more robust.

Our experts use the latest data recovery programs, techniques, and repair tools to locate the information, extract it from the SSD, and store it in a safe, accessible place so you can access it once again.

At Niko Computers Data Recovery, we offer our services at low, affordable prices so you can get your files, images, video, and documents back quickly and safely. If you have issues with your SSD, contact Niko Computers Data Recovery and let our experts get your data back quickly, all for an affordable price.