Why is my domain marked as spam?

Maintaining a good domain history reputation is crucial for your business. To avoid having your domain blocked by global spam providers, it is important to adhere to the anti-spam policy outlined below.

To ensure that your emails are sent successfully and professionally, please keep the following guidelines in mind: 

  • – Avoid sending a single email to more than 9 recipients in the To or CC fields.
  • – Do not attempt to resend emails that have bounced back.
  • – Always include a clear and concise subject line in your emails.
  • – Avoid simbols in the emais subject 
  • – Limit attachments to a maximum size of 10 MB.
  • – Double-check recipient email addresses for spelling errors before sending the email.
Solution for your needs

If you enjoy sending emails to numerous people, it’s best to utilize specialized spam platforms to prevent any potential risks to your domain.

Example :