Local Backup

Backup, backup, backup! Since 2008, Niko Computers IT Support has been repeating this mantra – for good reasons: It can save your business. Many Old-School ‘Break & Fix’ (B&F) ‘IT Guys’ are still clogging the phone directories with inexperienced, unknowledgeable, and inept purveyors of the shoddiest type of ‘IT Support.’ It’s a pay-as-you-go setup, so it seems cheaper, but many crucial components to a safe, secure network are not seen – from cybersecurity to reliable data backups.

What is local backup?

By definition, a local or ‘on-premises’ backup is physically close at hand to the end users. It offers the fastest recovery and restoration and housing the most copies. This is the most crucial backup, as 4 main issues can occur where the local backup is crucial:

  • Failure of the main server (what we call the production environment)
  • Intentional/unintentional deletion of data
  • Ransomware or other virus attacks
  • A disaster of any type, specifically natural, like an earthquake, fire, or flooding

A good backup will protect you against #1 through #3 above. No local backup will protect against #4: natural disasters.

There are 4 common yet ineffective ways local backups are improperly set up. No reputable Niko Computers IT Support Community member would ever suggest these methods. In fact, Niko Computers IT Support has turned down prospective clients if they insist on retaining this weak, archaic technology. It would only turn disastrous, with the client expecting to be able to pin the blame on the IT support company. The following 4 backup types will all protect you against #1 and #2 above. Still, they will NOT protect you against #3, Ransomware/Cyber-attack, and as stated, NO local backup will guarantee protection against #4:

  • Using archaic systems like Tape drives
  • Using external drives
  • Using Windows Backup
  • Keeping even properly setup storage on the same network as the main server

As most savvy business owners tell us, one of the primary reasons they back up their data is to protect against the widespread threat of Ransomware. As none of these methods will do that, they are not the be-all and end-all of your data backup and storage.

What is the best way to back up data?

The ONLY setup that will give you complete protection is utilising a Dedicated Storage unit on a dedicated network separate from the main network. Set this up with a dedicated login password (different than any other admin password the organisation has) and use specialised software from a vendor specialising only in a backup.

Your data is the lifeblood of your business, and relying on Old School, archaic technologies leaves you unprotected. Don’t wait for disaster to strike.

As mentioned, no matter how good your setup is, even if it’s the best setup per our guidelines above, no local backup will ever protect against #4 – natural disasters, so it is imperative to incorporate a strategy of both Local and Cloud Backups.

Find out how good your Backup and Disaster Recovery system is. It costs you nothing.

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